Psychic Reading Lounge by Aileena


When it comes to psychic healing and readings, the woman to turn to is Aileena Cavali. Aileena has traveled around the globe demonstrating her one-of-a-kind abilities. Through individual readings, workshops and lectures, she provides her services to those who need answers. Although, clients may live countries away, Aileena offers phone and internet services so that all may reach her powerful wonders.

As the owner of several centers, including: the Famous Laguna Beach Healing Resort, Psychic Intuition Center, Psychic Healing Clinic, Psychic Reading Lounge, and Psychic Healing Lounge – Aileena makes sure each location delivers Psychic Readings, Tarot Cards, Chakra Repairs and Spiritual Life Coaching.

To see through the eyes of Aileena, her latest book “Life In The Eyes Of A Psychic” is available now for all to understand the story of Hollywood’s most famous psychic. In reading, audiences will find first hand Aileena’s work, abilities and stories of those she has worked with along the way.

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