“The Question” – A Film By Award Winning Actor/Filmmaker Larry Rosen

“The Question” – A short romantic drama by award winning actor/filmmaker Larry Rosen tells a beautiful story of love and jumping in feet first in relationships. The film tells a non-linear tale about Sarah and Bernard who are very much in love, played by Kim Paris and Larry Rosen. The couple have been together a very short time, so when Sarah believes that Bernard is planning to propose to her, she is uncertain of what to do and seeks guidance from her friend Hope, played by Bethany Nicole Taylor.

This is not Rosen’s first delve into the romantic drama genre. His first acting award was for his performance in a romantic drama. Since then he has won several acting awards and countless filmmaking awards. The Question is the fifth collaboration with Kim Paris, who has already been nominated for Best Actress for the film (her second nomination) and fifth collaboration for Bethany Nicole Taylor (who has been nominated for another collaboration with Rosen, “Gwendolyn”). The film is also currently nominated for Best Short Film and Best NJ Short Film.

Rosen said, “Working with Kim and Bethany was like a dream team. We are all friends and work very well together, so the experience couldn’t have been more smooth or wonderful.” Audiences are already having great reaction to the film as it continues on in the film festival circuit.

I had the privilege of viewing the film and it is a true tale of passion and love. Paris and Rosen spark on screen and captivate the audience into rooting for them.

To view the trailer:

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