RatherME – Celebrity Style Match Up Game App

Ellen Degeneres has so much fun playing games on her show with celebrity guests. Her favorite has to be the “would you rather” game where she has names like Jennifer Lopez, Khloe Kardashian, and Justin Timberlake pick one famous person or another when it comes to who’d they rather date.

With JLO, her first options to choose between were Harry Styles and Zac Efron. It was tough to decide only one stud, but she did and it was – HARRY!


The game is a must-play for celebs, but now it’s hitting the app market for people to play in real life!

The app is called “RatherME” and it allows users to create matchups to compete with friends. For instance, as a user, I’d create a match up against my friend Nicole.  Other users in the community, who are male, will cast their votes on “who’d they rather.” The winner is the person with the higher vote count at the end.


To play now visit –

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