San Francisco Guide: Travel, Food, Beer & More!

The ultimate San Francisco Travel Guide is here for your travel plans

San Francisco Guide: Everything You Need To Know For Your Visit!

San Francisco Guide by AMB staff:

If your traveling to San Francisco any time soon, then we are here to help guide you! With Attaché travel expert Alex Hunter’s step-by-step travel guide, we’re breaking down travel advice so you can explore all things San Francisco in no time.

Let’s get started!

First, things first. Never call the city by the bay “Frisco!” City natives HATE IT. Make friends, not enemies with the locals.

Transportation –

3 major airports to serve your travels: San Francisco International (SFO), Oakland and San Jose. To enter the city the easiest, use SFO. You’ll be in and out in no time. But, Attaché does recommend arriving early as their are majorly cool exhibits within the airport you must see.

Need a lift?

Cheapest – SAM TRANS BUS – $2 for a ride in the city, touché!

Fastest – UBER (fixed $65) LYFT or Taxi ($30 – $40) plus taxi tip.

Best – B.A.R.T. (Bay Area Rapid Transit) with balance of speed & cost. Located within SFO and $9 with around 45 minutes travel time.

Food – 

Attaché catches up food expert Kenji Lopez-Alt for advice on beginning your food adventures.

Recommendation #1: Pal’s Take Away located at 2751 24th Street. Gourmet Sandwiches from a local sandwich expert. Hunter says the sandwiches were the best he has ever had.

Recommendation #2: La Palma Mexica-Tessen – The ultimate burrito spot. Carnitas seems to be the highly recommended choice as the meat filler according to Attaché’s Buzzfeed poll.

Recommendation #3: In and Out Burger, of course. As the West Coast is famous for hosting the delicious burgers and fries, Hunter’s favorite – Animal style double double and animal style fries. (We are totally getting hungry writing this.)

Beer –  

Meeting up with internet star Matt Galligan, Hunter finds the best beer location in the city, City Beer Store.  Galligan knows great West Coast IPA’s and here’s what he recommends –

Recommendation #1: Altamont IPA 

Recommendation #2: Alpha Acid Double IPA

Recommendation #3: Rare Barrel IPA

As for a great beer in any standard S.F. bar, Galligan says a Lagunitas will do!

Money – 

So what do things cost in S.F.? Coffee, about $3. A pint of beer, around $5. What about a Big Mac? $4.90. And side note, ATMs will charge you major fees per transaction.

When it comes to the dreadful to tip, Hunter states the customary percentage is always 15 to 18%.

For more in depth information for your San Francisco guide, watch the Attaché video above and find everything you need to know when traveling to the beautiful city of S.F.

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