Secret Room Events Hosts ‘In Honor of Golden Globe Awards Style Lounge’ Review – Hollywood’s Top Celebrity Gifting Suite

A Golden Globes Gifting Suite For Nominees and Presenters!

Secret Room Events Hosts ‘In Honor of Golden Globe Awards Style Lounge’ Review by Adriana Michelle

Much buzz has surrounded the 2016 Golden Globes with Leonardo DiCaprio’s trending facial expressions for Lady Gaga’s win; Ricky Gervais’ on stage sound off with Mel Gibson; and of course, gal pals Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence’s tag team award presentation debut.

Lots of memorable moments, but we must not forget the moments off stage. Where were presenters and nominees found outside of the NBC televised event? The Secret Room Events: In Honor of Golden Globe Awards Style Lounge!


Held inside iconic SLS Hotel Beverly Hills, Secret Room Events hosted a day of gift offerings for those who took part in the 73rd annual show. Celebrities swooned over the newest products, treatments, services, attractions, delicacies and more inside the hotel’s main ballroom.

Beginning with fashion items, Nadri Jewelry stole the show with jaw dropping high-end jewelry fit for award season. Items included lavish sterling silver bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings.

Lilach Adoni touched the hearts of all guests with gold state and country shaped necklaces to remind everyone home is where the heart is. Our favorite was the California necklace.

For the young actresses and their mothers, Shebop Beach stood out with bright pink and sequin handbags adorned with a plush mermaid doll.

Young stars also enjoyed Ruffle Girl clip on bows and fashion scarves that were everything girly.

Iconic Betty Boop brand perked up ensembles by styling guests in Betty Boop fashion tees. Betty Boop Little Hottie Mints came in travel size packaging to ensure fresh breath on awards day.

Saddling up with western style ball caps and graphic tees, Twisted J apparel packed their items with matching western style totes.

The cosmetic side for awards season was left to City Color Cosmetics. Be Matte Blushes, Shimmer Shadows and Creamy Lipsticks ruled the event leaving all ladies wanting more shades and more colors.

Before applying lipsticks it’s recommended by beauty experts to coat the lips with balm. ChapStick took care of this application routine with ChapStick Total Hydration Lip Care.

If cold soars were a problem, not to worry. Oleavicin handed out relieving Olive Leaf Extract balm to sooth and heal naturally.

Beauty starts will a good night’s rest. Travel Org supplied this necessity with their plush and light weight sleep masks.

Denman Brush produced an essential hairbrush for perfect locks during the Golden Globes – The 24K Gold Plated brush – that was one of a kind.

Obtaining the right fragrance attracts the right people in Hollywood. Guests can now network and schmooze effortless wearing Fernanda luxury hair milk, hand cream and body mist.

Pretty Woman by Barbara Orbison was also on site gifting the ideal scent for leading ladies.

To prep skin for full makeup application cleansing is key. Derma e distributed Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask and Purifying Daily Detox to rid of dirt and exfoliate.

For toning, anti-aging, moisturizing and body care, Scentuals Body Care From Nature curated a set of their Radiance Facial Toning Mist, Anti-Aging Facial Oil Serum, Calming Lavender Lotion and Vanilla Tangerine Soap.

Brevena focused on nighttime restoration for the skin and feet with duo Restore & Hydrate Overnight Cream and Intensive Foot & Heel Repair.

Adore Cosmetics provided Nature, an intensive body peeling scrub, to peel away dead skin and renew it in no time. In addition, Spirit calming butter was recommended to use for silky smooth skin.

Kokoa Delight was sent ‘from Budapest, with love.’ The yummy dessert treats contained rich and natural ingredients like Dutch Cocoa, organic butter, dried cranberry and Texas pecan to name just a few.

Also made with natural ingredients, Funky Chunky Sea Salt Caramel mixture of popcorn, chocolate, caramel, cashews and sea salt gave another tasty snack for the long weekend.

Winners and nominees surely satisfied their cravings with Gourmet Apple Spread by Southern Okie. The spread gives the sweetest addition to foods.

To pair the treats with wine, Visit Santa Barbara held a tasting of delicious red carpet edition of Pinot Noir. Guest left home with a bottle to enjoy after the big sow.

Coco Libre quenched thirst of the day with exhilarating organic coconut water.

Soothing and healing came from Aspen Tea Company and Green Healer Tea.

Cocktail napkins were available with congratulatory greeting cards from BetsyWhite Stationary.

Handmade home decor items by Eve & Nico provided the right touch from women all around the world.

The Manhattan Toy Company kept things fun with Natural Skwish activity toys.

Bringing in therapeutic massages, Thera Cane supplied revolutionary Trigger Point Massager for full at-home body massages.

Santa Anita Park was famous in 2015 for housing Triple Crown Champion, American Pharoah. Guests were invited to the park’s Chandelier Room for Guest Chef Series 2016 and complimentary beverages.

Overall health and wellness magazine, Live Happy, treated each guest with their latest issue for a boost of joy this month.

Complete list of participating vendors:

Visit Santa Barbara, Live Happy Magazine, Santa Anita Park, Nadri Jewelry, Lilach Adoni, Frency and Mercury, Betty Boop, Cure, Eddie Scandinavian, City Color Cosmetics, Aspen Tea Company, Brevena Luxury Skin Care, Denman, Kristals, Tesla motors, inc, Polyform products Co. INC, Biola Organic Cosmetics LTD, Scentuals, Pretty women perfume, Oleavicin LLC, Fernanda Japan, Myntsmile oral health, Sanada Adler Luxury real Estate, Derma e, The Travel Org, Fuel, Twisted J

About Secret Room Events:

Secret Room Events produces exclusive gift lounges and gift bags surrounding major awards shows. Secret Room Events also produces product launch events and offers celebrity product placement opportunities. Secret Room Events is not affiliated with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association . HFPA does not endorse or have any sponsorship involved in Secret Room Events.


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