Summer Essentials: Body & Hair Care

By: Antonietta Nacc

Ola beauty lovers! Now that July is here, it is now time for Body and Hair care products!

I don’t know about you but I go nuts for body care and hair care products just as much as makeup products. With Summer here and I am always in the sunshine when I am not stuck in my cubicle at work with no windows (I know yuck!) there are always certain products I heart during this gorgeous beautiful season.

Let’s begin…

1. Bath & Body Works Triple Moisture Body Cream 


A good moisturizer is key during the warmer months just as it is in the winter months. I tend to stick with the theme of the summer and go with a summer scent to spruce things up. Make sure after your in the sun, you shower and apply a good body cream because your skin will love you forever for that! I enjoy the Bath and Body Works Triple Moisture Body Creams because A. they do not have parabens, and B. they are not greasy, and C. they come in fun scents!

2. Bath & Body Works Body MistsBathandBodyWorks

Now with the hot weather, comes perspiration times ten! Now ladies this is nothing to be ashamed of. We are all human. But girls please carry with you a body mist to spritz your self as a refresher if you need to. These two come in fun scents! They also come in travel sizes too so you can throw them in your purse!

3. Moisturizing Body Wash: Dove

DoveYou always need to make sure your skin is moisturized from the very first step of hygiene. My favorite body wash that just gives my skin the best drink of moisture is Dove. It is affordable and you can find it at any grocery store or drug store.

4. Deep Conditioning treatment for Hair: Coconut Oil OR Macadamia Deep Repair Mask


Now I know that some of us are on a budget, and the best most cost efficient deep conditioning treatment there is out there is coconut oil. This amazing natural oil is great for the scalp and hair. Make sure you purchase a bottle that says EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL because you want the oil to be less processed as possible. You can find this oil at any local grocery store or natural food store for under $10.

MacadamiaFor those of you who may not have too much time to use coconut oil. The Macadamia Deep repair mask is one of my favorites to use as a treat on my hair. It is on the more pricey side but it works wonders and you do not need to user this every time you shower. I would say once a week if your hair is healthy. Twice a week if you have destroyed your hair where you have so much breakage and processed cuticles that it desperately needs treatment twice a week.

5. John Freida Root Awakening ShampooJohnFriedaRootAwakeningShampooShampoo is another importance for you hair. My favorite for the summer is the John Freida Root Awakening Shampoo. It has Eucalyptus and Mint that cools the scalp and just re-freshens you whole head. With the hot muggy weather we have here in Toronto Canada this shampoo is definitely a cooler for me. This product can be found at any grocery store or drug store. Very affordable as well.

6. Lush Sea Salt Spray

SeaSprayEvery girl has the need for beach waves in their hair. My favorite product for the summer to get those natural waves is the Lush Sea Spray. Very affordable, about $12 a bottle. Once you get out of the shower towel dry hair, then spray this product in, and as your hair naturally dries you get a cute wave. To enhance the waves braid your hair and let it dry. You can also use this spray on dry hair. Just love this product in the hot weather.

That is all for today ladies! Hope you enjoyed!

Until next time beauty lovers


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