Latest Is Changing The Online Mattress Game

Among the frenzy of online mattress start-ups one new company is looking to change the game.  Instead of the “one feel fits all” approach, has broken the mold and revolutionized the online mattress buying experience.  They have designed a mattress that is customizable in your own home by unzipping the mattress and flipping the core you can achieve a medium soft feel, a medium firm feel and an extra firm feel.  Providing the buyer with options, as well as the option for the mattress to be split for couples who like different firmness’s.  The owner has this to say.  “We have been in the mattress industry for 10 years and we know not everyone prefers the same firmness, we set out to offer the best mattress that provides options and because of that, we take the worry out of buying a mattress online.”

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