Technical Debt Is Unavoidable And Needs To Be Addressed

It is widely accepted by all software development and engineering companies that tech debt is unavoidable. It is the result of the hidden problem in a code design which affects the functionality and performance of a code base and turns to be unproductive in due course of time. This unproductive feature results in tech debt which is the cost of repayment along with interest while refactoring the code design to make it sustainable, reusable and extensible. When such tech debt exists in code, it results in the choking of the company and its early death. To avoid such a situation, you require paying off the debt with interest as soon as it is detected.

Components Of Tech Debt

Just like any financial debt, tech debt also has a principal and interest amount. When you practice good design practice and dedicate considerable time and effort in designing and testing code in the first place before shipping, it is the principal of tech debt. When you notice that there are bugs and other issues regarding the structure of the code you have to devote considerable time and effort on reworking on it to make it great again. Such reworking of a faulty code is the interest of tech debt. This has to be detected and admitted, communicated to different teams and use different strategies for repayment.

Reasons Of Tech Debt

You may feel that if you start designing a code with proper techniques and do it right the first time you start, you can avoid tech debt. If your development team is not lazy, experienced and skillful, knowledgeable about the patterns and technology, there is no reason that your code would be designed with imperfections in it. Then the only reason for tech debt occurrence is the pressure from the stakeholders to ship the product within a time frame for which your development team may have to cut corners. To gain high productivity in the short-term developers produce quick and dirty code lowering the cost for the release of code.

Effects Of Short Cuts

Your development team can never be sure of the achievement of higher productivity or of lowering the cost of the current release. Such shortcuts often boomerang earlier than your development team expects and has to make arrangements for earlier payment of interest. Therefore, as a developer your team should never compromise on quality and take short cuts while designing. You lose on customers as they get annoyed with the faulty code’s non-performance, teams get annoyed with extra work which they have to do for faults which may be made by someone else and affect the whole organization.

Never Back Down

You must never back down from payment of tech debt as soon as you detect it as it results in the early death of a company. You must have strategic plans in place, just like you would for your financial debts while taking best credit card consolidation loans, and pay it off to prevent increased degeneration of the code quality and damage to the business on the whole. Therefore, find the tech debt which needs to be repaid soon to survive.

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