The Celebrity Drink that’s Causing a Dangerous Mess, and the Activists that are Cleaning It Up

Lean (Purple Drank) has been a popular topic amongst the hip hop industry and has been largely influential to the younger generation of listeners. Lean is a drink that renders its’ users with mild euphoric and psychedelic effects. Lean is typically made with a dangerous amount of pharmaceutical codeine (typically used at 20x its’ dose) with promethazine. This concoction is mixed with beverages such as sprite or other soft drinks and is called “LEAN”. Being that its’ main component has been known to cause severe addiction, health problems and even death, alternatives have become popular over the past few years. Currently the alternative market is tending to customers showing them how to make lean that’s safe and legal. is helping users with harm reduction and leading them in the right direction to effective alternatives. These alternative use strong natural extracts, entheogens and terpenes to emulate the effects of pharmaceutical lean.

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