The Purseable KickStarter Campaign – A Fashion Belt That Serves Great Purpose

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The Purseable belt is not an alternative to a bag furthermore it a fashion belt that serves a great purpose as it allows you to have a hands free experience; for instance when you’re on a girls night out or out shopping with the children on a busy Saturday afternoon. With The Purseable belt your valuables will be securely on you, so you can get on with whatever activity you have planned. Did I also mention that The Purseable Belt is comfortable to wear, and with a background in health care, haven risked accessed our product we decided to include a radiation repellent material in every Purseable belt.Attachment

Although this is not a legal requirement, a recent report from WHO (world health organisation) addresses the fact that we are more exposed to radiation today through hand held device i.e mobile phones, than we were a few years ago when researchers looked as the risk radiations from devices such as mobile phones posed to our health. So (Who) have supported new research to be carried out to measure up our current exposure to radiation and the potential risks this poses to our health, with plan to present a new research paper on the finding by the end of 2016.

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“Ahhhh” ( big sigh), the joy of not having to carry a bag or purse around with all day. As we all know bags can be restricting at times. Not to mention recent report of back pains being linked to carrying big fashion bags….. Funny thing about it is, half the things we ladies especially us mum with little ones; put in our bags are items we don’t even use/need. As the saying goes, “the bigger the bag the bigger the junk.”

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