The Weeknd’s Creepy New ‘Tell Your Friends’ Music Video!

The Weeknd debuts his new music video for 'Tell Your Friends.'

The Weeknd’s New Music Video!

The Weeknd’s New Music Video posted by AMB staff:

[ The video was directed by filmmaker, Grant Singer and it comes at the perfect time because the Weeknd’s album, Beauty Behind the Madness drops this weekend and he’s also performing at the VMA but ya’ll we gotta talk about this new video. It’s all kinds of weird and there are so many questions left unanswered so let me break it down for you so we can figure this out together.

The video starts with the Weeknd frontman carrying a shovel… BUT it’s not like a beach ‘lets build a sandcastle shovel,’ it’s like a JUST KILLED my wife in a lifetime movie kind of shovel.

So then we see him burying a body wrapped in plastic AND at first you assume that the person is dead but PLOT TWIST… The person being buried is actually the Weeknd himself and he’s not even dead because he’s singing along to the song from inside the body bag!

So to be CLEAR… We’ve got the Weeknd burying the Weeknd… There’s some kind of metaphor there but let’s keep going.


So then this creepy Count Olaf person roles up with red hair and apparently up to no good because the Weeknd then pulls out a gun and shoots the person before firing another bullet at the ground…. Weird. Nope, I Don’t know why.
Then the Weeknd gets into a car and starts driving in the middle of nowhere. THE END.

Like for real… That’s how it ENDS… And yes I’m just as confused as you are seeing that most of the song is about doing drugs and getting girls… So if you my friends can come up with an explanation of what all of the video imagery means let me know down in the comment section below. ]

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