Think Positive Apparel – A Hoodie with Super Powers!

If you are a fan of positive thinking, affirmations and a healthy lifestyle then I have found something fun for you to embrace—Think Positive Apparel’s Love Hoodie. It is a hip long sleeve burnout hoodie that is designed with patterned quotes and philosophies on love from some of the world’s prolific leaders.

Feeling fierce in my "Love" Hoodie!

Feeling fierce in my “Love” Hoodie!

  With the understanding that love is necessary for peace to come into our lives, it’s important we keep constant reminders to love ourselves and others around us. Wearing the “Love” Hoodie, you’ll never be able to forget the meaning and will be able to share it continuously throughout your days.

Powerful in my "Love" Hoodie!

Powerful in my “Love” Hoodie!

Think Positive Apparel believes when thinking positively in any scenario, we hold ourselves capable of attaining success and become responsible for our results. Founders Taylor and Kalyn Lapidus hold true to this philosophy and is showcasing it through their clothing to encourage people to become aware of how powerful our thoughts and attitudes are in life.

Think Positive Apparel

Think Positive Apparel

Think Positive Apparel says, “When you look into a Think Positive Apparel design whatever words jump out at you become your superpowers for the day. We encourage you to bring more mindfulness to whatever you read as you move through your day and see what happens!”

You can find them at local farmer’s markets in San Diego and the metropolitan Phoenix area events, in boutiques and online at

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