Tight Wipes – The Newest Sneaker Cleaning Wipes Available!

When I was younger I would wear sneakers all the time. My favorite sneakers were Jordans, Reebok’s and Adidas. When I would get them dirty I would grab a towel and run it under cold water and add soap. Water and soap did the trick but not as well as I would have liked it to.

Now as an adult I wear heels all the time, but I’ve recently added a pair of all white Reebok’s to my shoe collection and I’m definitely wearing them in. Being older and wiser I know that water and soap isn’t the best way to go for cleaning them, so I came across Tight Wipes shoe cleaner wipes and I have to say – They are the bomb!

Tights Wipes use a special cleaning formula that is fast and efficient way to clean and keep sneakers looking brand new. It’s safe on hands, leaves no mess and it even works on heels.

Check out Tight Wipes here –

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