Tired of Pokémon Go? Make Your Own Augmented Reality Game!

Pokémon Go has changed the way gamers play, getting them out of the living room and into the living world, exploring and interacting with the environment using their mobile device, creating if you will, and augmented reality (AR) gaming experience. Millions of people are playing, but Pokémon Go doesn’t have to be the only AR game to play. Now you can create your own customized AR game, using a smart phone that you already have.

Franz Villa, an expert in training, organizational development and learning technologies shows you how. Franz is the host of, a podcast dedicated to discussing the latest learning technologies and innovations. In his latest LinkedIn post, Franz explains step-by-step how to create your own augmented reality game for less than $100.

Here’s the quick and dirty recipe for creating a your own augmented reality game… read more

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