Twitter’s New Emoji Launch Suits the Indian Monsoon

It is ironical that a few years back emojis were considered childish and unnecessary and today Twitter is actually introducing a new one for the Indian subcontinent. This report shows that emojis have come a long way and it is definitely not wise enough to write them off. Moreover, these special characters address the most intricate emotions in a seamless manner and have turned out to be absolute necessities.

Twitter’s new Emoji

Monsoon is finally clawing its way into the Indian subcontinent and Twitter has special plans for the occasion. The first step towards the same is the addition of a new, umbrella like emoji— blue in color. This character was launched on 16th of July and will officially show up till 31st of August. Twitter believes that having a special emoji would be a dedication to this country’s resilience to the famed monsoons.

This initiative from Twitter shows how emojis have been accepted globally and what significance they hold in general. Moreover, these social platforms have been using emojis as the preferred means to communicate with users and customers, in general. Most importantly, the trends are encouraging and there might be something similar on the cards— especially in days to come.

The Future of Emojis

Twitter’s newest move vindicates our love and inclination for emojis. Most social media platforms are adding in newer palettes and the existence of emoji keyboard further adds to the efficacy. Emojis are slowly but steadily getting added into existing content marketing campaigns and Google is also listing certain websites based on Emoji-SEO.

Bottom Line

Emojis specially cater to the millennials and there is no denying the fact that these characters are slowly getting their due. Moreover, emojis look good and are actually the most expressive forms of communication. Users can leverage the same with physical and virtual keyboards— on-board.

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