UBER Cars GONE WILD: Fun Music Video Edition!

Uber cars have gone wild with drivers and riders!

UBER Cars Epic Version of The Weeknd ‘Can’t Feel My Face’

Uber Cars Gone Wild by AMB Staff:

We’ve heard countless crazy Uber stories from drivers near and far, but we’ve never had the chance to witness the antics for ourselves. Favorably for us now, the craziness has been documented for the world to see!

While most individuals eek at the thought of servicing customers on a day to day basis, this guy aims for 5 stars every time he hits the gas pedal. Making his Uber service fun and light, he has the ability to get people dancing and singing in their seats.

Way to go, dude!

Probably already knowing that his service is on fleek, he recorded a few rides. With the oh-so popular song ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ by The Weeknd, every trip turns into one epic music video.

And yes, things do get WEIRD. But in a good way.

So prepare to go the rest of your day going with a smile because this video has that effect.

Want to know more about Uber?

Uber is a smart phone app that connects rider and drivers instantaneously. With Uber, travel is more accessible to the cities around you and a lot more comfortable.

Uber also has opened up great job opportunities for people who are seeking steady employment. As the business grows, the employers grow with it.

Let’s check out some Yelp Reviews:

Briana S – I’ve been a Uber user for several years now and continue to have great service. The few times I’ve contacted customer service, I have received a reply within a couple of hours.

I still use Uber as my airport pickup to avoid the nightmares of taxis at LAX. Currently, only Uber Black, SUV and Plus can do airport pickups, but X is supposed to resume this summer.

I also appreciate that my account can be used anywhere I go, including overseas if Uber has a presence in that location.

No issues here!

Will G – There is much to be said of Uber but I’ll Get straight to the point….. Thank you!!  Thank you thank you!!!! You’ve managed to provide the best service out there.

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