Valerie D. Fairley – From Librarian to Published Author


Valerie D. Fairley, author, librarian, poet, and educator holds a Masters and a Specialist degree in Education. She loves teaching and promoting literacy.

Looking great at 53, her outer beauty has been praised by all walks of life. The compliments have inspired her to become a face model to show that fifty can be fabulous. To show how fabulous it can be, she’s featured on a Facebook spot called Fifty and Fabulous, where her beauty shines like first lady Michelle Obama and actress Angela Basset.

Her books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles.

  • A is for Abigail is a children’s book designed for children K-12. It teaches phonics, vocabulary, and social studies. At the end of the book children can create their own vocabulary booklet.
  • Betsey Butterfly’s Beautiful Wings is an illustrated children book that teaches character education and the value of friendship as well as the stages of the butterfly.
  • Southern Comforts: This book contains voices memoirs and recipes about Mississippi cooking and one of the reasons why Mississippian are obese.
  • Looking for Daddy in All the Wrong Places: a book that details the author’s own personal journey, having difficulty accepting God because of her dysfunctional relationship with her own biological father.
  • Magnolia Heaven and Mississippi Proud: contains poetry that depicts the South from shelling peas to chopping cotton. It also contains the poem Chalked, where the author’s first grade teacher placed chalk on the author’s face as a six year old during the integration of Sunflower County Public Schools.
  • Denver Joe‘s Third Grade Experience: Travel with Denver Joe a third grade student and his eccentric Grandmother, Vivica, as they travel throughout the state of Mississippi, touring locales in Jackson, Biloxi ,and the Delta. Vivica is a not the typical Southern grandmother, but she loves Denver Joe more than anything else in the whole world!

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