Why “The Raping of Ava DeSantis” Is The Most Talked About Novel Since “Fifty Shades of Grey”

Why “The Raping of Ava DeSantis” Is The Most Talked About Novel Since “Fifty Shades of Grey”


Last month we told you how much we looked forward to reading “The Raping of Ava DeSantis” by Hollywood’s Queen of Horror, Mylo Carbia. Well, we finally had a chance to read it and now we know why it’s a #1 best seller. So for the sake of others dying to know why too, here’s our full review:

*** Warning Minor Spoilers ***

The book opens with this great monologue about wealthy families of the South. It refers to an event that takes place in 2025, so it’s obviously written in the future by a mysterious person telling the story about Ava DeSantis.

October 2006 – Chapter One opens in an underground sex club with the murder of Atlanta hedge fund manager Sebastian O’Connor. Prior to taking his last breath, Sebastian learns that the murderess is Ava DeSantis, the woman he gang-raped years ago.

Flashback to 1991 where Sebastian meets Ava for the first time in college. To his dismay, Sebastian’s best friend (and the male lead in the book) Wesley is smitten with Ava who’s a poor Jersey girl that doesn’t fit in with their old South trust fund-baby crowd. Later that night at a frat party, they introduce their third-wheel friend David and the ill-fated foursome go back to Wesley’s historic antebellum home to party (yeah, he’s that rich).

After hours of partying with serious hallugenic drugs, Wesley passes out while Sebastian and David quietly rape Ava (the author doesn’t show the rape, thank goodness). Wesley confusingly participates under the illusion he’s having sex with his high school sweetheart, then totally freaks out when he realizes it’s really Ava.

The next morning is the best scene ever (you must read Chapter 7 “The Aftermath” if nothing else). Wesley opens his eyes to see Ava tied up and dying on his bed. Total chaos happens. The three men argue as to what to do. Sebastian wins the fight, but before dumping Ava’s body, he uses something awful to clean up the evidence of their crime (can’t spoil it). But when Ava doesn’t die, Wesley convinces the others to drop her off at the hospital and calls his powerful mother, a criminal defense lawyer, for help instead.

Weeks later, Ava comes out of a coma to find her face is destroyed, she can never have children and that Wesley’s mother offered her poor family a million dollars in exchange for her silence — half now and half in 15 years (you find out why 15 years later in the story). Under pressure from her family, Ava agrees to the deal, drops out of college and disappears.

Return to 2006: Wesley, now a 36 year old public relations executive with a pregnant wife and a perfect life, is shocked to learn that his best friend Sebastian was found dead in a sex club that morning.

A week later, Wesley goes on TV to publicly defend a client accused of sexual harassment. The press conference is a huge success, but guess who’s watching? Bingo! Ava DeSantis.

She calls his office numerous times, but he ignores her. She then visits Wesley’s home and befriends his wife who’s about to give birth any day. Ava calls Wesley once last time, threatening to tell the wife everything. Finally, he gives in.

They meet at the club where she works. Things get intense (she’s now drop-dead gorgeous due to all of the plastic surgery to fix her face). Ava drugs Wesley and brings him back to her penthouse for a sex scene that makes Fifty Shades of Grey read like a boring instruction manual.

Two days later, Wesley wakes up in his office and receives word that his old friend David has been murdered (best murder scene ever, ladies!). Then Wesley’s mother is found dead on the side of the road. Now Wesley suspects Ava is the killer but he can’t tell his wife or the police without incriminating himself.

Now we’re half way through the book, and we’re introduced to a cocky Chinese cop (this character is a riot) investigating the homicides and Wesley’s connection to the deceased. This is where the story really starts flying a million miles an hour (yes, more people die) to its climatic, awesome twist ending (which I won’t spoil). The clues were hidden right up front and I never saw it coming. Plus we learn who the mystery narrator is and the author ties up all loose ends. Really, really good ending.

You have to read this book for yourself to see why it’s become THE novel of the moment. Be warned though, there’s lots of curse words and the murder scenes will have you both vomiting and rooting for the killer (you will).

Negatives? At 418 pages the book still felt like it was a tad short. We like really long books that take weeks to finish. We wish it would have lasted a little longer and filled in a few scenes it skipped and only talked about in other scenes.

The verdict? If you’re a prude, then this book is way too much for you. But if you like hard-core suspense thrillers like us, you will really enjoy this book.

Best book of the year so far in our humble opinion.

A +++++

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