Women In Mobile Games – Not A Man’s Market At All


Despite the fact that over half of all mobile gamers are women, the industry as a whole seems to be mostly unaware of it.  What’s worse is that this isn’t something new.  It’s been this way for years!

Already in 2014, it was already recognized by an Internet Advertising Bureau study that 49 percent of mobile gamers are female.  This trend continues today as women make up 52 percent of the players of these game apps.

While women have always played games, it is in the mobile gaming industry that we seem to be taking the lead as the consumer base.  This has not been the case with console and online gaming over other platforms. 

What’s fascinating about these statistics is that the industry doesn’t seem to be paying attention to the fact that female players are actually making up the majority.  This means that the game developers and advertisers are not necessarily taking their main target market into consideration.  They have adhered to the stereotype that says that male players must be their main market and they have aggressively marketed a large number of big-budget games to what is technically a minority of players.

In fact, even the media seems to be on board with this trend.  When articles are written about women playing mobile games, they tend to be published under “lifestyle” sections in online newspapers.  That said, when focusing on gaming for a male market, it is usually found in a newspaper’s “tech” section.  Quite the difference, wouldn’t you say?

This, despite the fact that women find themselves relying on external phone charger to make sure they don’t run out of battery power to get their device through the day after playing their favorite game apps so much!

What will be interesting to see is how this market moves forward. Women have traditionally been mocked, bullied and even scorned for taking part in gaming over other platforms.  At best, female players tend to be given a hard time.  Now that they make up the majority of mobile gamers, there is the potential to change all that…if the industry will even acknowledge it.

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