Why You Should Consider Shopping Independent

The convenience of high street shops has pushed independent fashion to the back of our priorities. But have you ever noticed that everywhere you go, you can find so many people wearing similar styles, by the same brands. High street fashion has resulted in everybody looking the same. Fortunately, the popularity of instagram has led to a new almost outlook and revival of independent brands and styles, which everybody wanting to look a little bit different, and with celebrities advertising new and interesting brands.

TV stars and musicians are heralding the way with independent brands, as they cash in the cheques with collaborations, new brand advertisements and brand revivals. Independent brands are becoming the new platform for self expression, self promotion and a way to interject a little bit of new style into the fashion mix. 2017 has become the year to follow in the footsteps of these celebrities and to try out new and interesting styles, so the option for new and unexplored style is becoming more and more accessible, so why not branch out a little?

Independent brands take inspiration from all walks of life and are influenced by our different cultures, society and even the music we listen to. This concoction of different social aspects brings a little bit more depth and style than the same-ish worn out style that high-street fashion can sometimes bring. Streetwear brands such as Blvk clothing and BOY London are influenced by underground street style and can lead to the revival of age-old street cultures. If you have a style niche and feel that high street style is failing to meet your needs, then there is sure to be an independent brand or style that can fulfill your fashion needs.

What brands should I be wearing?

Blvck clothing:

Since the conception of this brand in 2016, there has been a surge in people interested in reviving street culture and conversation. Now this brand may look like your everyday streetwear clothing, but it was created out of the principle of getting young people talking about everything that could affect them. By this we mean that the brand was made to spark conversation about politics, culture, current affairs and everything inbetween. In a world where we are bombarded with celebrity gossip and the Keeping up With the Kardashians culture, there needs to be an interjection of reality. The creators Micheal Yabult and Alfred De Talge have built their clothing brand on this concept and have sought to bring a little bit of depth and style into the everyday clothing world. You will see items of clothing with dark and and current messages to fuel the political undertones and to make for more of a conversational piece.

BOY London:

Stephanie Raynor has been hailed and praised ever since she created this brand in the 70s. From there on out, she sought to create an edgy and cool clothing brand, which was in turn adopted by every underground subculture in the London area. The brand’s revival in 2000 saw for a new and interesting twist in street culture, which has brought about a new surge of interest and admiration for logos and branding. This eccentric clothing brand has brought about the interest of the likes of Lady Gaga and Rihanna. This independent clothing brand has become the bridge between independent and high street fashion, making it both attainable and sought after by every edgy and cool youth group. BOY London is the ultimate way to make a real fashion statement, so if you’re looking to add a little bit of an edge to your wardrobe, then this is certainly the way to go about it.

Societe Noir:

Accessorising your everyday look will always push you over the edge of coolness and will make for a more interesting style. Whether it’s sunny, snowing… or (most likely) raining, hats will always be a relevant and cool fashion accessory to play around with. Over the next couple of seasons, as the weather starts to become a little bit more dull, there is going to be a real focus and revival on snap backs. They are so versatile and will go with almost anything, and as the fashion world has spun a full circle, they are returning to the fashion spotlight.

Manchester based company Societe Noir have built their snapback empire with the idea to have an ethical and locally sourced approach. They are making waves in not only the fashion world, but also in the local economy, by selling their most unique and cool designs to local independent shops. This brand is the true epitome of independent fashion, so if you’re feeling like it’s time to get back onto the snap back bandwagon, then definitely give these a look!

Article Written by Alice Porter

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