Shocking Celebs Then VS Now

You can’t have your youth forever. That’s just impossible, unless you have a potion that will keep you forever young. We all age. Some people still look good when they’re old though, and some people — well, they’re not very good at aging. It maybe the result of just failing to take care of the body, or the result of some surgery procedures  in the past. Here’s a list of shocking celebrities then vs now:

Pamela Anderson

Remember Baywatch? Well, she’s now 50 years old, and no longer that hottie that you see on the beach. It’s just hard to believe because we remember her as that attractive woman and now she’s lost it all.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

This actor turned politician no longer has his six-pack. Well, he can’t have that forever, can he? So what does Arnold say to his old physique? “Hasta la vista, baby.”

Jessica Simpson

When you see her now, you wouldn’t think she was the person a few year’s back. I mean, Jessica Simpson was one hot celebrity yet she’s had recently. Thankfully though, she’s happily married now with the former NFL star, and has two healthy kids.

Kelly Clarkson

The former American Idol talent is still busy with her career yet she’s been criticized by her excessive weight gain. Although she lost her sexy body, her lovely voice is still with her.

Janet Jackson

She no longer sings, and doesn’t even show herself to the public anymore. Is it because of how she looks now? They say she’s just busy with her billionaire husband’s business. She no longer has her six-pack, and looks like she doesn’t care about it either.

Axl Rose

I can still hear him sing, “Sweet Child O’Mine.” This lead singer from Guns N’ Roses no longer has his charm. He looks completely different from the old Axl Rose too. In fact, there’s not even a trace of the old Axl Rose in him anymore. It’s like he’s a different person. Hopefully, he can still sing like Axl!

Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer is Bruce Wayne in Batman forever, but you can hardly recognize him now. His physique no longer fits to be a superhero. He has gained too much weight over the years. They say he has a health issue, but it isn’t confirmed yet.

Britney Spears

She still sings but not with the old that she used to have. How was she not able to maintain it? Britney isn’t that old; in fact, she’s still in her mid 30s. If she’s motivated enough, she can still look like the old Britney.

Oh well, she has two kids now, and suffered from mental illness too. Might be difficult for her. I can still see her wearing that old high school uniform from her video, “Baby, one more time.” With how she looks now, I don’t think she’d fit into a high school uniform anymore.

We remember our favorite celebrities as good looking fellas. When we see them now, it makes us think that no one can ever get away with aging. It’s a fact that we have to live with.

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