ValueMags Launches a Universal Digital Edition Reader Program

Accessibility has become a mandatory feature of any product or service in North America. Unlike, Europe or the Middle-East, Americans are becoming increasingly dependable on information at their fingertips which is costing businesses. Time is money. Clients want information, services, products, feedback as soon as they can get it. This fast moving society is demanding businesses to revolutionize their processes.

Magazine marketing agency, ValueMags is looking to improve their client’s experiences with its Universal Digital Edition Reader Program. The program is built to share magazine content quickly and efficiently. Rather than waiting two weeks to receive a magazine, you can receive it in an instant! The program is optimal on any device and does not require readers to download extra software like Adobe Flash.

The new ValueMags Program will benefit ValueMags in multiple ways. First, catering to readers’ lifestyles will demonstrate to ValueMags’ publisher clients how valued their clientele is. “Building customer loyalty requires constant effort” says ValueMags founder Andrew Degenholtz. Making customers feel important can help companies determine their future needs. Having a forward thinking mind-set will allow any company to anticipate their clients wants and be ready to meet them.

The print industry is not dying. It is simply being digitalized and companies have to reallocate their resources. Magazine publishers that have partnered with ValueMags may see their digital sales surpassing their print distributed sales. The digital percentage of total circulation of magazine subscriptions have significantly increased in the past year. 6.6% is the average total digital circulation of a given magazine title but some have surpassed that number by double or even triple. One of the popular magazines that ValueMags distributes for their clients includes Nylon, who’s percentage of digital circulation is at 70.8%. Alongside their most ordered magazine is Clean Eating at 33.7% and Vegetarian Times at 31.4%. ValueMags is a large contributor to all their clients (magazine publishers) success.

With the launch of their Universal Digital Edition Reader Program, clients can expect to see the already impressive circulation number to increase. The program will allow the ValueMags marketing team to allocate the majority of their time to more effectively building an individual brand image for each of their clients not he web. The company’ executives understand that each and every magazine has a personality which needs to be uniquely displayed when on the same platform as other magazines.

Their Challenge

The digital channel is established. Now, ValueMags has a way to quickly connect with readers. The challenge is drawing in those readers, understanding their wants and needs, and helping them through the transition from print magazines to digital issues. Degenholtz recently started a new blog for ValueMags (link above). This blog’s purpose is to create an interactive and safe environment for readers to talk to ValueMags marketing and support teams. Being able to talk to readers will help ValueMags understand how to market their magazines better and create a one-to-one connection.

Hopping on the blogger movement is an effective channel for ValueMags to be at their reader’s fingertips. Although ValueMags initially served publishing companies, they have evolved into a company that is the bond between magazines and readers. We can only hope that ValueMags’ success will continue as they launch their Universal Edition Reader Program.

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