Get Poetry’s Organic Multitasking Gel For The Holidays

On the shelf, it is rare to find a product which you can use from top-to-toe. This one is a fan fav!
Poetry’s O.M.G. or Poetry’s Organic Multitasking Gel is a gel based moisturizer for hair recovery, facial moisturizer and body treatment. It is amazingly multitasking. It contains of aloe vera and coconut sought from Thailand. They claim the ingredients are purely organic. You will get 100% harmless natural product.

The best thing from Poetry’s O.M.G. is ‘It is really good’. You might experience some top-to-toe product like this. But this one got certified from USDA and ecoCert. You can rely on this skin care. When you apply on your hair, face and body, you will totally feel safe for you long term skin. Every type of skin is safe. Even my sensitive skin, I can feel the difference.

I have no surprise on the fact that they are sold out quite often and rare to find in the market. If you want to try this product, you can order from the website : And don’t forget to follow their charming instagram ‘’.


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