Ahyanah Mincy Promoting Women Entrepreneurship with Her Blogs

Ahyanah Mincy, a young talented student of Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City who majors in Business management is known for her blogs on which makes a change for Women Entrepreneurs. She writes these blogs as she wants to instill in black women that nothing is stopping them from getting to helms in offices and businesses. Leadership roles in business have a stigma that it is only meant for men but her articles about companies run by black women are constantly proving this theory wrong. Black women are considered as the most harassed women in the world as they are not supported and appreciated the way they deserve. is named as LinkedIn for women by Forbes.

She believes that there should be no discrimination in the name of caste, color, and religion. Her articles put a spotlight on young female and African entrepreneurs. Though media is very active in including women in business there is still lack of recognizing black women in business. Through her golden pen, she has impacted unforgettable ideas into women dedicating her time to write about women who could serve as a source of inspiration for other women. Women feel helpless and lack of determination and confidence when they step into a new business or entrepreneurship. Her stories of various women entrepreneurs filled with courage, hard work, sincerity, and perseverance will give voice to the challenges and triumph of women everywhere.

Although is reserved for celebrities such as actresses, athletes, politicians and public figures but Ahyanah Mincy, a college student takes out time to write articles on women entrepreneurs when she is free. At such a young age, she has understood the importance of women empowerment in this man-ruled society.  Leadership in business is often reserved for men and we see in books and articles praising all of the male CEOs but the media doesn’t do enough to throw light on women doing same. After reading Mincy’s articles you will quickly realize that there are more women leading the way in entrepreneurship than one might think.

On this platform, women can find jobs, ask questions, sell things and discuss business management but only 5000 users are verified on this platform. You will read about women who have realized their dreams and fulfilled them. Don’t forget that women are not less than men in any field but sometimes they are better than men in various fields.


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