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This is your online destination to find blog posts on the latest brands, products, influencers, celebrities, cool deals, new gadgets, lifestyle advice, and more!

I built this site in 2014, after my success in the Miss California Latina Pageant Organization representing the title of Miss Los Angeles California Latina 2013.

Representing the city of angels in 2013 was pivotal for me as I managed my own campaign, booking myself for celebrity galas, red carpets, fashion shows, and magazines.

I also collaborated with many companies and organizations in the philanthropic, beauty, fashion, entertainment, and public relation fields. I loved the collaborations so much that I was driven to continue this work after my pageant journey.

That was when was born.

Today, I use this site as a platform to help others get the exposure and web presence they need. Not to mention, provide new visitors with the organic information they may be searching for on Google.

All AMB blogs are written by contributing writers, except if there’s a clear note that says it was authored by me.

And although is my first born success product, it is just one of my responsibilities as a mass communications businesswoman.

As of 2017, I became an Advertising/Marketing Account Executive with Metro Publishing Inc. – which consists of 8 print newspapers and 5 online news sites in the South Bay area of Northern California with over half a million readers each week.

And if I wasn’t busy enough, I also Executive Produce news segments for my TV media brand AMTV News San Jose; and a Co-Produce a show called YourTV – which can be seen in the Silicon Valley area on Comcast Channel 15 with a reach of over 400,000 homes.

What can I say? I just love multi-media. I plan to keep learning, growing, and making the most of this industry.

If you have any questions about being featured on my site or general inquiries, feel free to email me at .

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