Inspiration, Philosophy, Poetry and Faith: Inspirational Guide.

Let’s face it, life can throw us many curve balls and stirs are going to come, but it’s how we navigate it all that matters. Poet, Songwriter, Educator Katherine Appello in her own journey of navigating childhood storms, to ongoing Fibromyalgia has found that it is really about how we handle the storms, even the smallest ones that matters. To that end, and in her wish to share what she has come and continues to learn and understand in her journey has created a blog, as well as the goal of offering live seminars and events online and then in time offline as well, the first online live event to be April 4th. The blog uses poetry, quotes, different tools and approaches, including some tough love to help followers and readers come to a point of reflection and hopefully positive transformation in different areas of their lives, including parenting, relationships, friendship. May you be inspired and empowered in faith.


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