Elysium – A Small World In Big Trouble

Shashwat Bhushan Gupta and Piece of Yourself LLC are in talks to produce an immersive theatre experience titled ‘Elysium’ written by Shashwat.

“There is so much happening in the news that we try to disconnect ourselves from, because we don’t want to believe that bad can ever happen to us. This will be a challenging show to finish, like a game. I hope that at each step the audience has a visceral experience that either heals them or leaves room for healing after they leave the show.”, says Shashwat.

Although the show is still in initial stages and will begin workshopping in New York in May 2018, the creators Shashwat Gupta (Writer, Director) and Esther Sophia Artner (Producer, Performer) are working with a team of Fire Dancers, Jazz musicians and technology experts to create a multi-disciplinary performance with an objective to create an experience of “a jigsaw puzzle”.

They are planning to produce the show in the fall of 2019 in New York City and then tour it across USA and Europe.

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