The Global Obesity Paradox and How You Can Help

In a world where 795 million people do not have enough food, another 2.1 billion adults are overweight! This seems like a paradox until we understand that obesity is also a malnutrition problem—specifically an over-nutrition problem. The obesity phenomenon tends to walk in parallel with growing prosperity, growing urbanization, and a shift away from physical activity. Are businesses causing this? Yes, partially. The aggressive marketing of convenience food, which leads to over-consumption of sodas and junk food, makes people overweight.  Businesses are causing obesity, undoubtedly. And it gets worse. Obesity affects lifespan. This is the first time in human history where our children will live shorter lives than us.

While businesses are part of the problem, they can be part of the solution as well. There are companies that strive to offer effective solutions to the obesity epidemic. They have studied the weight loss market for decades and they offer products and services that help people lose weight. If you want to learn how to develop a business from your home that helps people fight obesity, and make money at the same time, read this article at Takis Athanassiou site.

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