Hart Cunningham, 2020 Presidential Candidate, Breaks Down WW3

The question on everyone’s mind today is – could WW3 really happen?

According to 2020 Presidential Candidate, Hart Cunningham, the answer is YES. Due to the Trump administration looking out for their own interests, Cunningham notes real possibilities on his YouTube Channel, Hart2020.

“WW3 is upon us. The current administration will only fuel this issue. They are preparing for a full-on war,” says Cunningham his latest video where he gives a complete explanation as to why WW3 is soon to occur.

As for the President, Donald Trump, and his outlook on things, Cunningham explains, “He is unaware of all the different ramifications. He’s not looking 3 to 5 years down the road, he’s looking 3 to 5 months.” Not thinking long term will only give China, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Iran, and many other countries the upper hand as they strategize to take down the U.S.

To hear more, watch the video above with Hart Cunningham, 2020 Presidential Candidate.

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