List of Tips for Creating a Memorable Company Event

We’ve all seen our share of company events. Some blew us from our feet and left us amazed, while others were boring, and we just had to make up an excuse to leave early. If you are the one in charge of the next office event for your company, you need to make it stand out, but for the right reasons, of course.

A lot of people from mid-management have said that they have been involved, or they would like to be involved with organizing an office event, whether it’s casual after-hours cocktail, best costume competition or something else entirely, it has to run smooth. We’ve collected some tips for you, when it comes to party organization, so you don’t have to look at it like a burden. Here are some of them:

Be Flexible
We would all like to make amazing memorable parties and be crowned the “party king” crown, but it’s not about you, it’s about your company’s event, and all of your coworkers.

Consult as many people as you can, and get everyone involved, more ideas you get from your colleagues, closer to the ideal party you can get. Make sure that you are flexible, and don’t set anything in stone before defining it with other people helping you. Make sure you can push the dates, change locations and size of the event, and be prepared to expect unexpected. With a high level of flexibility, you can impress even the higher management in your company.

Develop a Budget
Know your budget and ground yourself right from the start. Define how much money you can spend, and start the research. Look for locations, prices, catering and find the right balance.

It would be great if you had no limitations, but that is rarely the case. Planning a party means you can balance the budget you have, and to your surprise, with just a bit of creativity, you can save quite some money. Organizing a friendly company picnic at the park, or a short trip to the countryside are all incredibly cheap solutions. With defined budget, you can easily define a detailed plan of the event, step by step.

Choose a Type and Theme of the Event
There are various things you should take in consideration when it comes to choosing a right type of the event. Combining a venue, food, and entertainment into a single theme can make your party really stand out. Adding the fun factor to the event can also help. Accessories for parties like smoke or bubble machines, or photo booths for hire from PhotoBoothMe are just some of the cool solutions to think about.

Before you define a theme, you need to consider what type of the event you are organizing. Will there be only employees, or their spouses or children? Will it be open for customers and will it be advertised? Would you like it to be covered by media, or it should be a small, colleagues gathering? These are the basic questions you need answers to, and in order to get them, you have to involve your colleagues in your planning.

Assemble a Team
One of the most important steps in the successful event organization is assembling a team of your colleagues that can help you out with different tasks. You would be surprised of the skills they can provide to the party organization, and above everything else – making them involved with the event planning will ensure their enjoyment in the event itself.

Delegate responsibilities by letting people take care of those things they feel most confident about. Make sure you are checking in with them about the progress of certain elements of the organization. Once you pull off the event, remember to mention them and their hard work.

Have a Good Time
If you look bored and tired at the event that you organized, there is a possibility people will react similarly. Once the event you worked on has started, make sure to show you are happy how it turned out.

Have a good time, and relax. Use the event to enjoy yourself, and to spend quality time with your co-workers. Hang with the people who helped you organize it, and praise them for their good work. If you lead by example, other party visitors would follow your lead, and it’s surprising how much a good attitude can help with the general atmosphere at the event.

Wrap Up
These tips are here to show you that organization of an office event doesn’t have to be a torture. It can be a fun experience that will help you prove you have various skills, and it will provide your colleagues with some great memories. No matter the size, season or the reason for the event – these tips are here to help you make sure everything goes as planned.

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