Meet San Francisco Gastroenterologist – Dr. Saurabh (Seth) Sethi MD, MPH

Dr. Saurabh (Seth) Sethi MD, MPH is a board certified Gastroenterologist practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a Harvard University and Stanford University graduate whose vision is to end confusion about food and fitness once and for all!

Dr. Sethi has a remarkable ability to make complicated medical information accessible and understandable to the general public. Dr. Sethi values his academic training and ensures that the information provided on his channel is backed by rigorous scientific evidence and state-of-the-art research in the fields of Gastroenterology, Nutrition, Psychology, and Medicine.

Dr. Sethi has authored numerous articles and abstracts published in well-respected, peer-reviewed journals. He has delivered a number of presentations at national and international meetings. He has received multiple awards and accolades including the prestigious Harvard Medical School Excellence in Tutoring Award and NIH-funded T-32 Training Grant for clinical research in Gastroenterology.

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