Mopbike – High Quality Handcrafted Bikes


Mopbike is a brand of handcrafted bikes realized and handmade produced in the North-East of Italy. Bikes to wear, to ride, of style, exclusive ad of a very high quality.

Mopbike is a full convinced fan of this vehicle: ecologic, economic and healthy and for this reason “Urban Utiliy Bike” is our vision of the bike.

A Mopbike is a particular vehicle well-characterized by its mix of a simple, fast, agile and minimal (Urban) bike, joined to those features of design, utility, safety and quality that the daily use requires (Utiliy).

WOMAN Mopbike – with its unique and elegant design, worldwide registered – is a refined and charming bike, both in design and colors; it is a vehicle with personality and style, enriched with very high-quality components, which make it performing both for city and outdoor use. Conventional or e-Bike version with Zehus Hub for your unlimited travel.

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