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Dome BEAUTY – Where Makeup and Confidence Meet

by Adriana Michelle: Paths to self-confidence are seen differently by all women. Some see they are just born with it. Others, like myself, have seen they’ve had to overcome major feats to claim it. One thing I’ve learned through my experience is that no matter what, a woman will always [Read More...]

April 16, 2017

Feminine Intimate Care “Jil Gyung Yi” Real User Review

I’m sure that there are many people out there who have the same worries. I am a female with two children in my late 30s. At first, when I was having a relationship with my husband, there were several of discomfort feelings… (Dryness, smell). I was starting to hate the relationship itself and [Read More...]

February 12, 2017

Diamond Glam Cosmetics – It’s Time To Glam Up!

It is really amazing when a cosmetic brand not only cares about you and your health, but also cares about animals, isn’t it? Do you know what is even more amazing? If this brand features high quality and super glamorous products as well. If you are trying to find a name like that, stop searching. [Read More...]

February 8, 2017

Making the Connection – See how this one company “ The Soap Connection” is tackling the Food Stamp Dilemma

Did you know that Food Stamps does not allow people to purchase any form of hygiene products?  Believe it or not, those that are unemployed (without any unemployment compensation) and only rely on Food Stamps as a means for food and household supplies are unable to meet their basic needs!  This [Read More...]

January 5, 2017

West Hollywood Salon Owner Teams Up With Whole Foods; Gives Free Hair Cuts For Holidays

FEED THE NEED As many know it takes a village to raise a child. The same goes to building a business. Those who know me or have been serviced at PrayerSalon have experienced great work and breakthrough but in order for me to continue on the mission of transforming lives from the "inside [Read More...]

December 28, 2016

Shouvy’s Whitening Body Lotion – Fight Winter Dry Skin!

Having dry skin during cold and wintery seasons isn’t comfortable nor appealing. My skin looks way too dry and feels very rough. It makes feel embarrassed when my partner wants to be affectionate with me because I know my skin feels bad. To combat this dry skin problem, I have sought out the [Read More...]

December 28, 2016

No Picture

Hairbond Wonder Primer Review:

I wanted to put Hairbonds new product to the test as my partner uses their styling products. I am excited as this product is a female solution (no pun) and has seven wonders that claim to make your hair look and feel better. Here are my thoughts after trying the product out: Wonder Primer can be [Read More...]

December 26, 2016

MoxieMist – All Natural, Plant Based Body Mist

by Adriana Michelle: The past few months have been a very busy period for me. I’ve been traveling back and forth from Los Angeles to San Jose, California, to visit family on numerous occasions. Whether it was flying in and out of airports or driving five straight hours in my car, I’ve [Read More...]

December 20, 2016


Dermacol Liquid Lipstick Review: 16H Lip Colour That Lasts Hours!

  by Adriana Michelle Davalos  Liquidy, smooth, and pouty are three adjectives I would use to describe my lips after applying Dermacol’s 16H Lip Colour Lipstick. After using three of the Czech brand’s lip shades, I can happily say – “They are fab!” The [Read More...]

September 22, 2016

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