Building Character – The Book For Self-Progression

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May 22, 2017

Are There Strangers in Your Family?

Best-Selling Author, Casey Bell presents a stellar book on love and forgiveness, “A Family of Strangers.” Bobby Sampson is an unwanted boy who is adopted by his caseworker, whom soon is reunited by his birth parents. “Family/Strangers” poses the question when and what can be [Read More...]

May 10, 2017

Award-Winning Author Delivers A Fiction Book That Navigates Life And Love!

Marian L. Thomas, an award-winning author based out of Georgia, will release her new book, I Believe In Butterflies on May 21, 2017. I Believe In Butterflies is a resonant story told through the insightful voices of three women navigating love and life. “Lorraine, is one of the characters you [Read More...]

April 6, 2017

Laurie S. Johnson Pens Fun Rhyming Books For First Time Readers

Laurie S. Johnson is the author of 10 books for younger first time readers, including: Pickles and Cake, The Magic Wizard, The Great Balloon Adventure, Sunshine and Ice Cream, Mollie the Cat, Visiting the Family Farm, My Dinosaur Friends, Emelia and Alex’s Day in the Yard, A Bear Ate My [Read More...]

March 22, 2017

Celebrity Model Rachel McCord Shares Tips to Slay the Fame Game

Named “Rising star … American beauty” by DailyMail in 2017, model Rachel McCord, wrote the book, Slay the Fame Game: Break into Hollywood and Social Media without it Breaking You. Featured in Vogue, Forbes, Glamour Magazine, OK! Magazine and CNN, McCord is frequently spotted out and about at [Read More...]

March 21, 2017

Editor Pick! Robert Tomoguchi’s Fascinating New Book The Scribbled Victims

  The Scribbled Victims is filled with page turning twists and plot turns. It reads like a movie screenplay, which kept my interest page after page. Tomoguchi’s characters are riveting, complicated and brilliantly written. The storyline takes you into the life of Yelena Solodnikova who is a [Read More...]

March 20, 2017

Valerie D. Fairley – From Librarian to Published Author

  Valerie D. Fairley, author, librarian, poet, and educator holds a Masters and a Specialist degree in Education. She loves teaching and promoting literacy. Looking great at 53, her outer beauty has been praised by all walks of life. The compliments have inspired her to become a face model to [Read More...]

March 12, 2017

I AM ME Digital Magazine is Live!

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February 19, 2017

Former Ford/Nina Blanchard Model releases new book, The Essayist

Channeling writer and poet Jack Kerouac from his famed book, On the Road, author D. Sidney Potter is on the road in over a dozen cities during a five year period in which he writes about – in essay form, the real estate bust while working as a mortgage operations consultant for such Fortune 500 [Read More...]

February 10, 2017


The Fixer: The Killing Kind by Jill Amy Rosenblatt has hit the shelves. It’s the second installment in her highly acclaimed suspense-filled series- The Fixer. In The Fixer: The Naked Man the main character Katerina Mills was introduced in the series debut novella. Katerina is a 23-year-old young [Read More...]

February 7, 2017

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