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Experience a Burke Williams Blow Out at Style

Burke Williams Day Spa invites guests to take the spa experience to the next level with a visit to the in-spa blow dry bar, Style. Available at the new Hollywood and Woodland Hills spas, hair care experts will shampoo, condition, and style your hair with the finest products available. With a [Read More...]

March 31, 2017

Lace Frontier – African American Woman Hairstyles

Lace Frontier is your home for numerous resources on a wide variety of African American woman hairstyles. The site provides you with highly informative articles and product reviews for some of the best black woman weaves, wigs, and hairstyles in a non-biased, honest, and reliable approach. The [Read More...]

March 17, 2017


Mynena Makeup – New Hot Cosmetics!

  As a feisty Latina living in Los Angeles, I love all things fuego! My comida, clothes, car and casita must be hot and glamorous to match my culture and my personality. I don’t think anyone can blame me for wanting my lifestyle to be in line with things I identify with the most. I [Read More...]

January 24, 2017 – Yоur Onе Stop Shop For Quality And Top Brands Prоduсtѕ is уоur оnе stop shop for quality and top brands рrоduсtѕ to ѕuit уоur nееdѕ. You саn viѕit uѕ аt anytime to gеt аll уоur “nесеѕѕitу” аnd wish list itеmѕ from ѕtаrt to finish! Wе’rе always uр-tо-dаtе with thе best trendy makeup, [Read More...]

January 20, 2017

West Hollywood Salon Owner Teams Up With Whole Foods; Gives Free Hair Cuts For Holidays

FEED THE NEED As many know it takes a village to raise a child. The same goes to building a business. Those who know me or have been serviced at PrayerSalon have experienced great work and breakthrough but in order for me to continue on the mission of transforming lives from the "inside [Read More...]

December 28, 2016

Kiss My Brass Takes The Yellow/Orange Out Of Any Lightened Hair

Kiss My Brass is a patent-pending shampoo additive that takes undesirable yelllow/orange tones out of any lightened hair. It works for blondes, ombre gradients, highlights and balyage in dark, medium and light-brown hair. It works well on ethnic hair that’s prone to oxidation (Latina hair, [Read More...]

December 27, 2016

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Hairbond Wonder Primer Review:

I wanted to put Hairbonds new product to the test as my partner uses their styling products. I am excited as this product is a female solution (no pun) and has seven wonders that claim to make your hair look and feel better. Here are my thoughts after trying the product out: Wonder Primer can be [Read More...]

December 26, 2016

Maintaining That Summer Glow

Summer months are an undeniable excuse for clear skies, cool waters, and lots of sunlight. Who isn’t ready to replace that cabin fever with some days out at the beach, riding bikes, chilling at cafes, or indulging in some sweet gelato? But with more hours than usual spent soaking up the sun, your [Read More...]

November 10, 2016

Oprah’s Favorite Things Includes Peoni™ Skincare Line From Montreal-Based JB Skin Guru

Jennifer Brodeur, Founder & CEO of JB Skin Guru. Photo credit: Andreanne Gauthier Jennifer Brodeur, Founder & CEO of JB Skin Guru today announced her newly created skincare line Peoni™ has been listed as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things as seen in the highly anticipated December issue [Read More...]

November 3, 2016

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