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Meet Twanita Dozier – Founder and Editor-in-chief of “Boss Up Magazine”

My name is Twanita Dozier and I am the Founder and Editor-in-chief of “Boss Up Magazine”. Boss Up Magazine is a digital magazine that celebrates and recognizes Black Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and Organizations! I am all about empowering and uplifting my community, all while creating a [Read More...]

January 31, 2018

Inside The Mind Of A Professional Actor And What Navigates That Motivation…

Sitting in the iconic Sunshine Cinema on Houston, I remember, as a kid, being enamored by the “larger than life” personas projected to screen. Thinking back, I began to wonder… Why are these entities in this crazy business? Is it ego, is it that nothing else would satisfy their creatively? So [Read More...]

January 20, 2018

Meet Taybas World – Instagram and YouTube Influencer

On Instagram @taybasworld, I include my fashion styles and my lifestyle images of me, my son and beauty videos. My YouTube is all about some of my day-to-day looks and the vlogging of my life. I like showing what it’s like to be a happy married [Read More...]

January 1, 2018

A Well Run Life – The Three Minute Podcast

In a world of super-long podcasts, this is my favorite antidote. A Well Run Life packs a whole day’s worth of ideas into 3 minutes. Subscribe here on CastBox to listen to my favorite 3 minutes of every day! Check it out [Read More...]

December 23, 2017

Tyler Adkison – The Newest Los Angeles Dodger

Following your dreams isn’t easy. There’s struggle, sacrifice, mistakes, and a lot of hard work. Even with full commitment and dedication to one’s craft some may never reach what they’re looking for out of life. This isn’t the case, however, for 22-year-old San Diego [Read More...]

December 10, 2017

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