Tyler Adkison – The Newest Los Angeles Dodger

Following your dreams isn’t easy. There’s struggle, sacrifice, mistakes, and a lot of hard work. Even with full commitment and dedication to one’s craft some may never reach what they’re looking for out of life. This isn’t the case, however, for 22-year-old San Diego State Alumn, Tyler Adkison. Tyler is one of the lucky ones whose perseverance paid off.

Adkison has landed his dream job with the MLB as he was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers this year. You can tell he’s enjoying this new chapter by looking at his website and social updates. He’s hanging with his new teammates, getting ready for the upcoming season, and loving life.

One thing that sets Adkison apart is that he’s not just a ballplayer. He is a businessman. A businessman who invests wisely. With hands in a few different endeavors, this Dodger can show you a thing or two about Bitcoin and the stock market.

To keep up with Tyler and his journey with the Dodgers, visit Tyler Adkison

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