Child Star secret romance revealed?

Not only was Nickelodeon actress under the radar for a T-shirt collaboration this year but also a secret romance? An anonymous twitter user revealed back in January of this year that the mysterious secret account Ashley sounds an awful lot like the relapsed former Nickelodeon star. The account even went as far as to upload live streams and her own apartment and upload her California State ID and Visa card. Tweets toward user @stevespeepsnews indicate some sort of romantic doing according to this anonymous twitter. Gawker was one of the first sites to report on this secret twitter account that was quickly made private & silent after a strew of media sites caught on to the ordeal. GossipOnline has a complete history of what went down in the past. The secret account also called out John Travolta (her former movie co-star) and perpetuating rumors that gained even more momentum in the weeks following. Is the Boston native Mr. Peeps a fling or maybe more?

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