Home Improvement Apps – Infographic

Taking on a home improvement project is exciting but it’s also daunting too! There is so much to think about, so much to research, so many decisions to be made. Some people carry out home improvement projects to increase the functionality of certain parts of their home while others carry it out to increase the value of their home. If the project is being done to increase the home value, it’s important to choose something that actually will give a positive return on investment otherwise it will be a waste of time, money and effort. It’s also so important to put careful thought and planning into the sourcing of good suppliers such as building contractors, plumbers and carpenters. Ask them for examples of their work; check their websites for testimonials and also ask family and friends for recommendations. By choosing a good operator in this respect, your project is likely to run more smoothly thereby producing a more positive result in the end.

This infographic from the guys in EZ Living outlines some really useful apps that might assist your home improvement project journey. It splits these apps into the different segments of the project, it outlines what platforms the apps work on and it indicates if there’s a cost involved or not. Check it out below!

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