Kiirstin Marilyn Releases Latest Single and Music Video “She”

A song that aspires to be an anthem for all “nasty women.” All proceeds to benefit Planned Parenthood.March 14th, 2017: After the recent release of her EP Ghosts with Spectra Music Group, Kiirstin Marilyn is embarking on a new independent musical journey. Continuing the lyrical trend of Ghosts, Kiirstin’s latest single, “She”, co-written and co-produced by Justin Ardolino, with additional instrumentation by Benny Reiner, expresses her vulnerability as an artist as well as a citizen of the world. While Ghosts began to expose Kiirstin’s true social and political beliefs, “She” not only considers the tenor of our current times, but also reflects on the history of nations as well as the personal history of generations of women.

“She” began as a story of Kiirstin’s grandmother, Linda Liholm, who fled Soviet oppression and the occupation of Estonia in 1945, after Germany lost World War II. Boarding trains and boats that were beyond capacity, Linda, with her 6-month-old child, Ulo Kuhi, narrowly escaped a future in a Siberian concentration camp or death. Through the process of writing this song, Kiirstin discovered a profound empathy for her grandmother and a deep connection to her that she had never felt before.

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