The Unstoppable Force Behind The Music Superstars Of Tomorrow: CEO Cypha

Atlanta is a hotbed for some of the biggest major label and independent rap acts in the world. Those who have the power behind the scenes fiercely clench to their fleeting influence and relevance in a rapidly changing industry.

So how is a perceived outsider like CEO Cypha building a music business empire in the backyard of a gatekeeper culture? We asked CEO Cypha (or Cyph as his team affectionately refers to him) to explain the root of his early success.

“It starts with the extraordinary talent I represent. When you are working with artists as brilliant as Ervin Mitchell, Dan Murray and The Letter M, racking up millions of streams independently is almost easy. I have studied the science of music marketing and entrepreneurship. I trust my client’s art and they trust me to secure the bag” – CEO Cypha

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the upcoming releases of his Cyphaworld Brand MGMT roster and you should too.

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