Tyler Adkison – The Newest Los Angeles Dodger

Following your dreams isn’t easy. There’s struggle, sacrifice, mistakes, and a lot of hard work. Even with full commitment and dedication to one’s craft some may never reach what they’re looking for out of life. This isn’t the case, however, for 22-year-old San Diego [Read More...]

December 10, 2017

Child Star secret romance revealed?

Not only was Nickelodeon actress under the radar for a T-shirt collaboration this year but also a secret romance? An anonymous twitter user revealed back in January of this year that the mysterious secret account Ashley sounds an awful lot like the relapsed former Nickelodeon star. The account even [Read More...]

December 8, 2017

Style With An Attitude

Social media has changed the way we do fashion. Fashion today is sexy. It’s curve hugging. And it’s Instagram ready. We see all of our favorite influencers flossing the cutest #ootd’s. Whether it’s a one-piece jumper or an “LBD,” social styles are taken to the [Read More...]

December 5, 2017

Spayte – The First Real-Life Dating App

Spayte is the newest app to hit the market that allows 2 people to meet up while they are both at the same place at the same time. Whether it’s an airport, hotel, university, restaurant, bar, club, concert, or an event…. meet up with your real crushes in real life. There’s no reason [Read More...]

December 4, 2017

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