Medical Professionals Swoon Over New Med Fashion

It’s an unfortunate truth that most medical scrubs are not cute. With unflattering lines and itchy material, it’s a wonder that medical professionals are even able to stay in them for over 12 hours. This summer it’s time to upgrade your medical wardrobe that separates you from the [Read More...]

June 27, 2017

Lily Boutique – Outfits for The Chic Woman

I’ve been shopping a lot lately and some might think it’s a problem. Personally, I think I’m going to shop until I DROP! As a fashionista who appreciates style and quality, shopping is more that just buying clothes. It’s an experience and a hobby. It all starts with a love [Read More...]

June 15, 2017

Get the Look: Steves Peeps

Steves Peeps stepped out of a Starbucks in Boston and successfully avoided the paparazzi. That classic Alexander Wang T !! Love, love, love, and love some more! And when paired with Authentic Vans and black skinny jeans – can we say effortless perfection? Looks like we will be stopping by our [Read More...]

June 7, 2017

Peek a Boo Bracelet by NK Gem and Jewelry Designs

Crafted from the finest quality precious metal, this stunning “Cold shoulder” bracelet is a part of NK Designs sleek and elegant collection. Make a fashion statement worth remembering with this “negative space” cuff bracelet. Forged from sterling silver sheet metal, it [Read More...]

June 4, 2017

AAA Replicas Review – Replica Handbags

A new expensive handbag is a guilty pleasure any woman can relate to. Imagine looking through the catalog of your favorite line and spotting a new beauty to bring home. Excitement takes over as you make the purchase and you say aloud, “Ah! I can’t wait to hold it!” Of course, you [Read More...]

May 29, 2017

Inspiration T-shirts For Entire Family

Mother approved, child friendly, inspirational T-Shirt designs imprinted with eye-catching, typography friendly, Heart themed, custom-made Heart Fonts. Purchase at: [Read More...]

May 22, 2017

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