Get Money Filmz – Clothes With Attitude

Get Money Filmz, a Philadelphia based clothing line that is best known for its commitment to producing high quality clothing with attitude, is proud to announce to fashion lovers, residents of Philadelphia and the general public, the launching of their online clothing store that is aimed at [Read More...]

January 20, 2018

Tagua Jewelry – Made From The Hands of Ecuador

The tagua is a product native to the tropical mountains of Ecuador, it is known as vegetable ivory, its quality is similar to elephant ivory, this wild species takes 30 to 40 years to grow and bear fruit.The mocochas (bag where the tauga seeds are found) contain approximately 20 seeds to make the [Read More...]

January 13, 2018

Harbor Yorkway- The 2018 Newcomer of Fashion

With a dream and the work ethic to back it up, 33-year-old fashion designer, Sebastian Stratmann creates new fashion line – Harbor Yorkway. Debuting in 2017, Harbor Yorkway is already ahead of the men’s fashion game for 2018. The t-shirt designs are laid back, yet trendy enough to wear [Read More...]

January 9, 2018

Style With An Attitude

Social media has changed the way we do fashion. Fashion today is sexy. It’s curve hugging. And it’s Instagram ready. We see all of our favorite influencers flossing the cutest #ootd’s. Whether it’s a one-piece jumper or an “LBD,” social styles are taken to the [Read More...]

December 5, 2017

STYYLISTICS – Hot New Boutique For Women

Make sure to check out WWW.STYYLISTICS.COM the hottest new boutique out for all the latest and unique fashions for women. The STYYLISTICS CURVY GIRL COLLECTION is grate for women with a little more switch in the hips. Have and event coming up shop STYYLISTICS DRESS SHOP there is something for [Read More...]

November 11, 2017

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