8 Famous Transgender Women you need to Know About

Bruce Jenner is a familiar face in nearly every household thanks to her appearance on the front of the Wheaties Box throughout the years, and her transition announcement did something very important for the world. Whether you like her or loathe her, she made it possible for us to have a discussion [Read More...]

May 22, 2017

The Pornification of Las Vegas

Tilted Kilt Las Vegas Waitress – Promoting Beer in A Bra My girlfriends and I took a trip to Las Vegas over the weekend. For the first time, I saw the city in a whole new light. Vegas was pornified.  The majority of advertisements consisted of women being objectified and sexualized. [Read More...]

April 15, 2017

Feminism and The Gender Gap – Does The Gap Really Exist?

by Adriana Michelle: The word ‘feminism’ gets thrown around social media with many negative connotations to it. I believe many individuals are not even sure what the word means but are still open to bashing it across the web. I thought I’d search the word on YouTube, a place where [Read More...]

April 4, 2017