Echidna – A Short Film For Actors by Sonny-Joe Flanagan

It’s no secret the entertainment business is a tough industry to break into. Thousands of individuals migrate to the main cities like Los Angeles and New York hoping for a break. Scarce financial resources, extended audition waits and hoping for a call back are a majority of the actor’s [Read More...]

March 11, 2017 Brings New Celebrity Page is a new news website that has over 50 feeds from 50 different news sources just on the homepage. This way instead of going to all the popular news like CNN, Foxnews, MSN, and 50 other sites, you can get all the news all one page. The celebrity page is a source for latest [Read More...]

October 25, 2016

Did Billy Bush Snitch on Himself?

Ever since Donald Trump’s now-infamous 2005 comments from the Access Hollywood bus were made public on Friday, people have been trying to figure out who knew about the video. On Monday night, Page Six reported that not only was Bush aware of the existence of the footage, but he bragged about [Read More...]

October 12, 2016

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