Elainee Presley Announces Surprise Success of Single “Traveling Light” on Power FM Charts

Elainee Presley Daughter of Elvis Presley has faced many challenges and overcome them in her career as a musician. Recently, the artist announced she was informed her song “Traveling Light” rose all the way to the #1 spot on Power FM, winning the artist another award to add to her long list of accomplishments.


When a musician is the daughter of, perhaps, the greatest rock and roll legend to ever live expectations can be very high on her ability to make great music. This is exactly the case with Elainee Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley, and passionate singer, musician and songwriter. Over the years Elainee has won a huge amount of awards and praise for her work, despite suffering some setbacks that Elvis’s children have experienced from those who would like to not see them succeed. Recently, Elainee announced her song “Traveling Light” hit the #1 spot on popular station Power FM unexpectedly and Power FM even honored her with a plaque for the achievement.

“It’s wonderful to see ‘Traveling Light’ gain momentum,” commented Elainee. “I know my true fans and listeners appreciate all our hard work, and nothing feels better than having them enjoy my music.”

According to the artist, Power FM Global Radio Network bases their rankings on a number of factors including number of spins, listener requests and station tune-ins. The station maintains their charts for the benefit artists, record labels and related industry professionals, with high rankings, like Elainee’s recent #1, showing a true breakthrough.

Fans have also been quick to praise “Traveling Light”.

Emily G., from Boston, recently said, “I wasn’t really aware of Elainee Presley’s music until a friend played ‘Traveling Light’ for me. It was stunning what a great song it is. I’ve since listened to more of her music, and it’s hard to understand why she isn’t much more well known. Hopefully that changes soon. Five stars.”

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