Meet Sal Rastegar – The Mobster Actor!


Some of the greatest movies of all time are gangster flicks like Goodfellas, The Godfather, The Departed, Pulp Fiction and Scarface. Each of these movies carry the weight of bold situations played by men who mean business and don’t take crap from anybody. Actors who play these roles are a rare breed, giving up all they’ve got to play the part profoundly. One of these guys happens to be actor and producer Sal Rastegar.

Rastegar is known for his character roles of the mobster, gangster type. He thrives off working on a classic bad-ass movies where his acting chops can be put to the test. The latest films Rastegar can be found in are Ghost in the Machine (2016), Food Reality (2013) and The Gunman (2016).

One of the biggest plans for the mobster actor this year is starring in a Scorsese production. Rastegar is lined up for powerful roles this coming year, championing his way to a major to some of the biggest gangbusters thus far!

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