Rafa Campos Salles: Actor, Singer, Social Media Star

Actor and singer Rafa Campos Salles is taking the internet by storm as he shares his life as a prominent figure within the entertainment industry. With his a-list looks and model-like pictures, Rafa Campos Salles is the next big thing.

As fans take notice to his lavish lifestyle, the Manhattan resident isn’t shy showing it off. Sharing his daily life online is something Rafa truly enjoys as it gives his followers a chance to see what it’s like walking a day in his shoes.

To keep up with his career, photoshoots, and behind the scenes looks, find Rafa Campos on his new snapchat: rafa-rafa. You’ll see Rafa in a very humorous light, including bursts of favorite songs.

Be sure to check out his snapchat: rafa-rafa and his Instagram:

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