5 RIDICULOUS Moments From 2nd Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton Vs. Donald Trump

The second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump definitely seemed more like a roast than it did a debate.
SO much happened last night at the second presidential debate and we’re breaking down the five most RIDICULOUS moments right here, right now on Clevver News.
It’s safe to say that a lot has happened since the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. So much that there was visible tension between the two at the beginning of the political debate – I mean, Hillary and Donald didn’t even shake hands at the start of the night.
Okay, so Hillary and Donald not shaking hands at the beginning of the debate isn’t exactly the most ridiculous thing ever, but the way Trump dodged Anderson Cooper’s question about his incriminating tape is.
When asked about his vulgar comments about being able to do whatever he want with women because he’s famous, Trump continued to call the whole thing “locker room” talk and then went into this full-blown rant about stopping ISIS.
I’m not really sure how talking about kissing women without consent and (air quotes) “knocking the hell out of ISIS” are the same thing, but okay.
Number three on our list of ridiculous things that happened at the presidential debate last night is the time Trump hovered over Hillary when she answered an audience member’s question.
This actually became a widely noted moment on social media.
As crazy and ridiculous hovering and locker room talk is, nothing beats the moment when anyone who learned anything about how the US government works in elementary school finally realized that Donald Trump – a man who is running to become the president of the United States – does not in fact understand how the government works.
Let me paint you a brief picture. During the debate, Donald talked about getting rid of carried interest on taxes and when Hillary noted that she has always been in favor of that same notion when she started off as a senator, Donald started to criticize her and asked why Hillary wasn’t able to successfully make that happen…and then this happened.
Ouch. And last but not least, this final moment borders on the line of ridiculous and uncomfortable. For the last question of the night, both candidates were asked if they could name one positive thing they respect in each other and while they did, we all couldn’t help but just cringe at their answers.
Hillary noted that what she respects about Donald the most are his children.
While Donald complimented his opponent by saying he respects the fact that Hillary just does not give up.
So, who do you think won the debate from last night? Let me know in the comment section below! When you’re done with that, click right over here to check out our chat show where we talked about how Trump doesn’t think abortion should be legal and as always.

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